TWENTY-TWENTY presented unique challenges for us as individuals and higher education as a whole, still Portland Bible College continues to grow and dream about the future!

We are proud to say that our leadership team has risen to the test. Though the pace has changed due to the pandemic, we are excited to share that the vision and mission of where PBC is going in the future has not been affected by 2020. 

Under the leadership of PBC President Pastor Marc Estes, PBC is positioning for growth and new endeavors. In a reorganization of the PBC Leadership Team, two of our current leaders have been given new roles to support this growing mission – Sarah Nashif-Tan into the role of Vice President of Innovation and Carlos Marin into the Vice President of Advancement role. Read more about these exciting changes!

We are excited to have Sarah step into a new role as Vice-President of Innovation. 

Over the last decade, under the leadership of Sarah Nashif-Tan, as the Director of Online & Church Programs, PBC has innovated on traditional college education models in many ways and in doing so has tripled the PBC student body through the following programs:

  • Church Partner Programs (Affiliates, Online Groups, etc.) – Churches building internship and adult education programs can partner with PBC to help build healthy and vibrant local churches around the world. 
  • Audit courses – Alumni, ministry leaders, and pastors can access trusted curriculum from PBC at any time without being enrolled in a degree program.
  • Prime Program – Prime is an internship experience for high school and college students to connect with God, his Church, and integrate faith into their everyday life.
  • Online Programs in EnglishSpanish and Portuguese – Students around the world can study theology and prepare for ministry in their own native languages. 

As part of the PBC Lead Team, Sarah is committed to continue innovating on education by resourcing the PBC family of graduates and affiliates around the world and creating ongoing opportunities for training. In this new role, here are a few things that we are working on:

  • Resource Site – A site that integrates church resources (job descriptions, ministry policies, church governance, org charts, books) with PBC resources (position papers and theology training), all gathered in one place to resource churches.
  • Free Webinars – A series of free online webinars to help people learn and grow from home, including “How to Study the Bible” with Prof. Lanny Hubbard.
  • Adult Education Pathway for Churches – And, finally in the works, is a partnership with Mannahouse Church to create a Pathway of Discipleship for new believers, ministry on-boarding and pastoral training, powered by the strong biblical and theological foundation of Portland Bible College professors.

Sarah believes in the future of each adult learner. It doesn’t matter if they are in the business sector, full-time vocational ministry, volunteer ministry, or parents at home, PBC is a training ground for kingdom minded people.

We are excited to have Carlos step into a new role as Vice-President of Advancement. 

For over 13 years, PBC has enjoyed the talent, anointing and leadership of Carlos Marin, who has served as the College Administrator and Adjunct Professor. Carlos has been responsible for upgrading and automating systems to better serve the college as well as leading different teams in Student Services, Recruiting, Admissions, Marketing and Finance.

Carlos’ visionary drive propelled the college to begin the Online program and diversify into Portuguese and Spanish languages. Carlos continues to serve as an elder of Mannahouse and board member of PBC.

Carlos’ 20+ years of experience in Higher Education Administration coupled with his love for training leaders for the local church, position him to help the college advance into the future. His main role will be focused on securing funding from major donors, alumni and friends as well as overseeing marketing and enrollment efforts for all programs.

These new initiatives continue to feed the vision and mission that PBC has held over the last 53 years. Life as we know it is changing. The Church around the globe has unprecedented opportunity to boldly step into what God has called her to do. Portland Bible College is prepared to meet the needs of the future and is training each student to do the same.